Best tv shows of All Time

1.The Handmaid’s Tale

IMDB rating : 8.4

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 1

According to writer and producer Bruce Miller, the main themes of The Handmaid’s Tale are trust and endurance. However, viewers of season one will realize that the show delves into much darker themes. Hulu’s adaptation remains faithful to Margaret Atwood’s original book and does not tone down the underlying anger. Instead, it intensifies the disturbing portrayal of Gilead, a fundamentalist society where wealthy women are oppressed and systematically assaulted.

The story begins in present-day Boston, where June, a college graduate, works for a book publisher and is friends with Moira. June meets Luke at a hot dog stand, and they begin a secret relationship. Eventually, Luke leaves his wife for June, and they get married. They have a daughter named Hannah, who is briefly taken from the hospital by a desperate woman unable to have her own child. The United States faces a fertility crisis due to a drastic decline in birth rates and an increase in birth defects. Maternity wards are empty, and people hold candlelit vigils in the hope of successful births. The country’s supply chains are also disrupted by unusual weather patterns and failing crops. The first ten episodes provide a glimpse into the harsh reality of life in Gilead.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2

Are you excited for the return of The Handmaid’s Tale . If you don’t have time to binge-watch the last season, don’t worry, The Geek Day has you covered with our recap of the previous season.

Season 2 sees Offred escaping with the help of her boyfriend Nick and the Commander’s driver, only to be caught and returned to the Waterford home. Her actions have severe consequences and she is in even more danger than before. Meanwhile, a bombing at a Children of Jacob meeting kills 30 handmaids and many Commandants, seriously injuring Commander Waterford. Ofglen and Ofwarren’s lives in the settlements are also shown, where they are working with radioactive substances causing many to fall ill.

After the bombing, the girls are sent back to be handmaids in Gilead, reuniting with Offred. Nick is rewarded with a bride, 14-year-old Eden, who believes her duty is to bear a child for him. However, he has no interest in her because he loves Offred. Eden eventually escapes with another man and they are both drowned as punishment.

Commander Waterford allows Offred to see her daughter Hannah, but they are forcibly separated again. Offred hides in a house and gives birth to her baby before being caught and returned to the Red Community. This season was intense and left viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to see what happens next.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3

Season three of The Handmaid’s Tale was a triumph for viewers after the relentless brutality of season two. The collapse of Fred and Serena’s marriage and June’s new alliances in the Lawrence house signaled a shift in power dynamics, and Gilead began to show cracks.

The season started with the loss of baby Nichole and Emily over the Canadian border, followed by the arrest and trial of the Waterfords for their crimes. Finally, Gilead suffered the loss of its most valuable resource: children. June and her allies put their lives at risk to rescue 86 kids and babies, executing a plan to transport them to Canada safely.

As season four approaches, fans eagerly await to see the aftermath of these events. Will Gilead continue to crumble from within? Will June’s actions lead to the downfall of the oppressive regime? Only time will tell.

Overall, season three brought a much-needed sense of hope and justice to The Handmaid’s Tale. It showed that even in the darkest of times, there is always a glimmer of light and a chance for change.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4

Season four of The Handmaid’s Tale saw a major turning point with the departure of June Osborne from Gilead. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to flee in the past, June finally made it to Canada and sought refuge there. She was reunited with her loved ones, including her husband Luke, friend Moira, and daughter Nichole. However, despite being out of Gilead’s grasp, the trauma and pain that she had endured continued to haunt her.

The latest season explored June’s struggles to heal from her trauma, despite being surrounded by her family and a supportive community. She sought revenge against those who had wronged her and was determined to make Gilead pay for their atrocities. While being away from Gilead was a step towards recovery, it was not enough to erase the pain she had experienced.

Overall, season four continued to delve deeper into the dark and oppressive world of Gilead, while also showing the resilience and determination of those who fought against it. With June now in Canada, it remains to be seen what new challenges she will face and how she will continue to heal and seek justice.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5

During the course of season five of The Handmaid’s Tale, significant changes occurred in the show’s characters. At the start, June was seeking revenge, but towards the end, she chose to take the high road. Serena became a handmaid, Aunt Lydia showed compassion, and Commander Lawrence, who was previously June’s ally, became more challenging to trust.

These unexpected developments are setting the stage for the final season of the show, which is now in production. Fans are eager to know whether June will be able to rescue her daughter, Hannah, from Gilead.

Season five of The Handmaid’s Tale offers many valuable lessons. The show explores the concept of trauma and how it affects individuals even after they have escaped their traumatic situation. It also shows the resilience of the human spirit, as June and other characters fight against the oppressive regime of Gilead.

As the show comes to an end, viewers are left with many questions, but they are also reminded of the importance of hope and resistance in the face of adversity.

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