The Night Agent

In The Night Agent, it’s a slippery slope from bombing the DC Metro to attempting a presidential coup — as undervalued FBI agent Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) learns over the course of the action thriller’s twisty 10-episode first season.

As the titular night agent, Peter has one job: to sit in the basement of the White House all night and man an emergency phone line for undercover spies. 

He does that job so well that when down-on-her-luck tech CEO Rose (Luciane Buchanan) calls in the murder of her aunt and uncle, Peter doesn’t just answer the phone.

Instead, he risks his career and life to not only protect her from two assassins but also to untangle a dark conspiracy involving the president, the White House chief of staff

, the vice president, the vice president’s daughter and many more Cue the car chases, gunfights, exploding bombs, kidnappings and assassination attempts!

By the end of the season, Peter and Rose find her family’s killers

uncover the truth about a terrorist attack on the DC Metro from a year earlier — and save the president’s life